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Hey, I'm Ciara. 

Trauma Informed Wellbeing Therapist  & Coach ~ 

I help people like you remove deep subconscious blocks & fears, to create true happiness and reconnect with your soul.


But what really matters is that I’ve been where you are now.

  this is

not your





There's a world full of amazing things out there just waiting for you to arrive.


1. You're enough just as you are


The life you're living right now isn't "just how it is"  – it’s the result of your deep subconscious beliefs & programming. It’s the experiences from your past, that you’re carrying deep inside. But, they no longer have to determine the person you become. They don't have to control your present, or your future. You can choose differently, I promise.

2. You do not have to do this alone

I’ve walked this path. And I know what’s possible. I've helped so many others to transform their lives, too…so it’s possible for you as well, with the right support.

3. There's still time

Together we can uncover exactly where these feelings & thoughts have come from & how they're affecting your life ~ so that you can move on from the effect they've had on you & transform your mind, body & soul!

"In embracing our flaws and imperfections, we can create an even stronger, more beautiful piece of art." 

Your experiences don't have to keep you stuck in the past ~because

 it’s NOT actually the past or the experience that has a hold over you, it's how you feel about yourself & the world around you now because of it. 

With the right support you CAN completely transform how you feel on the inside ~ to create something great for yourself in the future!

You CAN find emotional freedom, let go of those feelings of not being enough, remove those fears and really embrace your true self.


You CAN break free of the constant intrusive thoughts and feelings that keep you from doing things you'd really love, for fear of failure, judgement or not being able to follow through...

You don't have to hold yourself back anymore. You deserve more than what you're settling for. That may seem ridiculous to you right now, but when you take this journey  - you'll open yourself up to a world of feelings, thoughts & experiences that before, seemed like only other people had... but suddenly don't feel so impossible for you anymore.


And you'll realise, it was inside you all along.


The new you, the true you is waiting to be seen...

Shall we go get them?